August is Enjoying the Summer Month

September 24, 2018

Jaye Barends

August is moving along so quickly.  Literally take time to smell the roses!  Take time to stop and watch the sunset!!  I live on a small lake and the sunsets are stunning.  I made time for getting out on the paddle-board a few nights this month, as the sun sinks, the peacefulness of the water is overwhelmingly joyous.!  Yet, it is so easy to become too busy to remember to take those few minutes.   I am so busy with work that I forget sometimes to drink in some enjoyment each day.  I look for it, and find it in absorbing the incredible natural beauty surrounding me. How do you find enjoyment?  In a good conversation?  A fabulous meal, leisurely enjoyed?  My Italian roots are showing!  There are myriad ways to drink in the abundance of joy around us, a good book, an uplifting movie, reflecting on a purpose-filled day.

Remember to take time to notice the good.  Feel it!!  Let is sink into your consciousness.  On those days that give you waves of something other than joy, you have a full tank of memories to stop and reflect on. and divert your attention from the waves, as they smooth out again.


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