September is Building a Dream Month

September 24, 2018

Jaye Barends

I found a program that caught my attention.  Mary Morrisey popped up on my screen and talked about building a dream for yourself, and that she would teach people the methods they would need to make that dream come true.  I, being the incredible optimist that I am, took her up on it.  I am watching her 12 week program and following all of it that I can.  I have never been particularly good at visualizing things.  I just don’t seem to have been born with that gift.  So the first step of visualizing exactly what you are dreaming of is not my strong suit.  But I am putting is a concerted effort.  The instructions say to give attention to every detail that you can think of… the setting you want your house in, the colors surrounding you, the vision of who you want to live there, will there be room for guests, space for them to stay?  The amount of luxury you want, whatever is important to you.

That is the real key!!  Look into your own heart and think about the life you want to live, the memories you want to create, with whom, the things you want to do and be and accomplish and enjoy!  Many of us working Moms, were never trained to thing about what we actually want for ourselves!  I know I certainly wasn’t oriented that way.  I was taught to think about what my future husband would want, and then about everything that would make him happy, and what the kids needed and wanted.  It wasn’t until the last few years that I even figured out the concept that I could want something myself!!  It was such a foreign concept.  But also so freeing!  But the question remained.  What do I actually want?

So that is what I have been contemplating these last few weeks.  Stay tunes… I will let you in on what I am coming up with!


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