A Plan Doesn’t Always Go as Planned

Where is life taking you?  We all have plans that we want to complete, and everyone that has ever made a plan knows that Plan A doesn’t always go as expected.  Life doesn’t go in a straight line.  It is more like a spiral.  We get to choose the direction.  Spiral up or spiral down.  Which one did you choose today?  We have a lot more choice about how we react to daily happenings that we sometimes want to remember.  You can choose to be annoyed at a co-worker, or choose to wonder what makes that person react the way they do.  You get to live with your annoyance or your wonder.  Which one feels better to you?  And what are you wiring into your biology… literally.

Our brain’s job is to not to keep us happy, its function is to keep us alive.  So the automatic reactions we have which were designed to keep us out of the teeth of wild animals are often a bit of over-reaction for present day circumstances.  Using our higher faculties of discernment, we can see that we get to choose what we think about any given circumstance.  We aren’t stuck with reactions that highlight stress, anxiety and danger only.

When we choose a better feeling thought, we are literally wiring that into our neural circuitry.  And you don’t have to be brain scientist to use this in your daily life.

Try this thought experiment…

reach for the best feeling thought in whatever situation you are in today…

Here’s an example…

Situation:  my work schedule is full today.

(What am I going to choose to think about this?)

I am overwhelmed!!!  I can’t handle this!!

or… I will focus on the tasks I can do best, and I’ll be able to find help when I need it.

You get to choose.  Choose what gives you the chance to experience the “spiral up’.  Think of a better feeling thought in your given circumstance.  Even the tiniest improvement changes the momentum of how you feel.  It takes practice, you have to keep at it.  But once you get some experience with this technique, you will love the feeling of knowing you have some control in any circumstance.

Here’s to the “spiral up!”



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