February Is Time To Feel

Okay, so I am now working with a coach, the first session was today.  He is awesome, by the way, his name is Kevin Young, and he is in Detroit, MI.  My ultimate goal is this… to create the life I have always dreamed of. For me, this starts with people to love, and includes the time and means to make a difference in the world, to contribute my time, expertise and talent to causes that fire me up. I am starting from a place that looks pretty benign if you are on the outside looking in. From the inside, though, I know there are a series of old blocks that were holding me back. I certainly have been chipping away at them through the years, but they still have some rough and sharp edges, that I trip over and poke myself with here and there.  And I just decided that I was done with old things holding me back.  I am unhooking all that old stuff and leaving at the door, so to speak…I had spent many years of my life being frozen, not physically frozen, of course, but emotionally frozen, due to a traumatic event that happened decades ago. I know that encasing that event in ice, figuratively, was a survival skill that I needed at the time, but that as an adult isn’t giving me what I want.  I want to melt that inner ice, warm up the the non-feeling places and make space for more comfort and ease in my physical body, and actually tune in to more intuition and heart-felt JOY!!

So Kevin has agreed to work his magic, he told me to get ready to feel more of all kinds of emotions, getting that old stuff out and released!  He is going to be sharing his talents and helping me focus on tuning into intuition, finding clarity and finding ways to understand and share my purpose.  Come along on the journey.  Let’s see if we can tune in together…I look forward to being able to feel your presence!!


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