The Emotional Scale

When reading the emotional scale, isn’t it easy to pick out co-workers, relatives and family members!  But what about taking a long look to see where the scale hits you between the eyes on a regular basis, and  then investigating further to determine… Why? 

Once we can look at the conscious and then the underneath subconscious indicators, we have the power to begin to change where we are on the scale.  Not by suppressing the feelings, no matter what they are, but learning to move them through your body and release them!  Your feelings are literally your emotional guidance system.  They are there to teach us something. Guilt, for example, is not there to teach you that you are a bad person, (it was more than likely drilled into you as a youngster).  It is there to tell you that you are not in full alignment with your true inner core of strength and love and connection, and that you have some inner work to do if you would like to change that. 

Neuroscience is telling us that feelings such as anxiety and anger are the body’s way of signaling to the brain to produce the chemicals of stress, adrenaline and cortisol to for example. If we stay in a certain range on the emotional scale for a while, we can get used to or addicted to the chemicals of stress and begin to normalize feelings such as guilt, anxiety and depression.  Long term chronic stress, as well as acute trauma can literally get stuck in the body, and although they begin to feel normal the longer they persist, they do not have to be permanent.

This is really great news!!  We can determine what the underlying conscious and subconscious patterns are and literally create brand new neural pathways for the chemicals of joy and connection to run on.  Our body can create numerous feel good chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin when we learn to get out of the fight or flight mode that leads to depression, guilt, anxiety and in the process, we move up the scale to better feeling thoughts.

Many decades ago, when I first heard about the law of attraction, I heard that you could say some affirmations and fix everything!  Great thought, but hard to put into practice.  It works on conscious thoughts and has validity there, but it is the unconscious thoughts that remain below the surface that also need to be addressed for real and lasting change.

Luckily for us, neuroscience has given us the tools to tap into the thoughts that stay mostly submerged, and begin the journey of creating those new pathways, and when your predominate thoughts, both conscious or unconscious match, (and are not cancelling each other out) and are predominantly in any layer on the scale, that will be your predominate emotion and feeling.  No one stays in a perpetual state of joy, it is normal to have fluctuations into different layers on the scale. Being able to turn momentum back to positive when it has turned the other way, without spending a lot of time heading downward is the key. Staying stuck near the bottom, isn’t required.  What is required is a willingness to face where you are, decide you want to change, determine that you will do the inner work to release what is holding you there, believe that there is a way forward, and begin the journey!!

Life is like a spiral, you have the power at any point to orchestrate the direction of the spiral.  Here’s to consciously creation what you most want for you!! 

If you would like some tools to do this for yourself, check out my FB group, Navigate Your Sea of Dreams… Find Your New Direction


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